About Us

Our philosophy is deeply embedded in the belief that healing comes from within: What you put in is what you get out. By experiencing first hand the restorative effects of plant medicine in our own family, we took it upon ourselves to share these innovative, pure, and reliable remedies with all of you. Our work with Cannabis L. Sativa has taught us that if we improve our relationship with nature and do the hard work, we can overcome life’s most difficult challenges. And to stand by our net-zero carbon initiative, we use only Nature-Flex™ compostable and biodegradable “plant-plastic” in our products.

Hemp, a variety of cannabis, can be harvested four+ times per year and it’s uses are virtually endless; including food, clothing, medicine, paper, oils, construction etc..

By utilizing almost every part of the plant, we can reduce waste while also reducing 8.9 tons of atmospheric carbon per acre grown.

“Hemp is an ancient plant that has returned to the mainstream to provide solutions for today’s societal challenges.”

-Nico Magalhaes, Founder